Vagal Tone Restoration Device:

The Easy Way to Calm Your Body's Stress Response and Boost Wellbeing

Vagal Tone Restoration Device (VTRD) is an innovative stress management tool developed by physicians and tested in clinics. It uses infrasonic therapy to help your body’s nervous system recover from daily stresses.


Why use VTRD?

(VTRD) tones your vagus nerve, a cranial nerve that regulates your body’s reactions to stress and plays an essential role in improving your digestion, heart health, and breathing rate. The patented technology combines audible and tactile resonance to deliver immediate calm and build stress resilience over time.

Benefits of using VTRD:

  • Improves heart rate variability
  • Increases stress resilience
  • Optimises self-regulation
  • Boosts general wellbeing
  • Reduces the effects of stress
  • Calms your fight, flight, freeze response without effort, training, or experience
  • Helps you discover better sleep

Conditions treated

(VTRD) can improve the conditions of adults with anxiety and depression disorders. Over 70% of the study participants who used (VTRD) for 3.5 months scored in the low, mild or normal stress classifications, and over 65% of participants with anxiety disorder and over 50% with a depressive disorder reported an improvement in their condition, while using (VTRD) for emotion-based coping.


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What to expect during a (VTRD) session

Using (VTRD) is easy and requires some of your time. The technology taps into the phenomenon of bone conduction, and with (VTRD) on your chest, the infrasonic frequencies and sound design send a powerful signal throughout your body. The soundscapes are developed using a proprietary process, mixing engineered frequency harmonics with auditory stimuli and frequency following responses. The comforting hum taps into your ancient instincts of safety and relaxation, lasting for 30 minutes. This is a great tool to combine with your FLOWpresso session.

What’s next?

(VTRD) is a natural and effective tool for stress management, improving heart health and general well-being. Using (VTRD), assists in toning your vagus nerve and boosts your stress resilience, making your nervous system more flexible and helping it return to equilibrium faster after stress.

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